Minor review of “When Black Women Start Going on Prozac…”

Looking back at “When Black Women Start Going on Prozac” by Anna Mollow, if you direct your attention to page 490, to 491, Mollow once again draws attention to Danquah’s words. Danquah initially draws attention to depression as a so called “disease.” As Mollow continues, she incorporates the words of Mike Oliver said about the “social model of disability.” From my perspective, in a way it seems like it’s almost society that builds these constructs on people, be they mentally challenged or depressed. Sometimes, they ignore the fact that some people that, for example, depressed people may not always be depressed, but when they are hit by it, they suffer for longer periods of time and its consequences are far more severe. Liz Crow also was mentioned to have pointed out that “Pain, fatigue, depression, and chronic illness are all constant facts of life.” Sometimes, as a society we blow things far beyond what they need to be. 


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