A reflection on Suicide in the Military.

Throughout history, many people in the armed forces have been seen as being suicidal following their deployment. Up until the early 2000s, the suicide rate for soldiers had been less than civilian rate, as the article says. Following this increase, the military had begun to work alongside the National Institute of Mental Health to track and follow these increasing events. Obviously we have seen within recent years the increase of media coverage on top of events such as military incidents, and military deaths. This in part may be a way that our media is trying to raise awareness about these issues in a more practical and easily accessible way.

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One thought on “A reflection on Suicide in the Military.

  1. I like how the article list the types of mental disorders that affect soldiers. This can help the community construct a better understanding of where these symptoms from soldiers are coming from. It can also help build a foundation for prevention programs, as stated in the article. One disorder that have grabbed my attention is intermittent explosive disorder, recurring episodes of extreme anger or violence. I have learned from this article that male, white, or a junior enlisted rank are more likely to commit suicide.

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