Reflection upon “Mental Illness in Disney Animated Films

Reflecting upon some of this academic journal’s points, the author initially points out the difference between kids and adults views on characters, and then even the depiction of mental illness in films. Now, the author starts with saying that adults aren’t fond of it, even to a point of saying that their portrayal is “overwhelming negative.” However, this wasn’t the case for younger children. From my perspective, we have seen almost simplified and more of an approachable series of mental illnesses in recent films, Disney films in particular, as the journal also notes. In my own interpretation, this shows almost the power of a generation gap. While we were growing up in times where characters were presented with these problems in adventures and tales that lead them to greatness, those older than us weren’t exposed to the same situation at that age, and were raised on different values and beliefs.

The academic journal is listed below:


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