Do women make more money than men in film?


In accordance with the article, a recent study has shown that females make more money in films, and allow for bigger budget films. The most recent films to back this study are “The Hunger Games” and the Disney hit, “Frozen.” The article ends in saying that women with prominent roles in films perform well in contrast to men. What may have caused this change? Is it simply the changing of times, and that we prefer to see a female lead in contrast to the male leads? Or was it something as simple as the writing in the film being cast for a female lead over a male lead? It may be up in the air as to what created this change, but make no doubt that women are able to perform as well, if not better, than men in films. 



One thought on “Do women make more money than men in film?

  1. My belief is that times are changing. Society used to be male dominant but as we move forward, I believe equality is achieved. Women are starting to show their worth and value all over our media, and this article proves it.

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