Women on the big screen in 2013

In a recent article published by Parade, author Lindsay Lowe touches on all of the details of the last year of women in movies. Now, considerably more women have higher paying roles since the dawn of cinematography, but some of them are only featured as sexual appeal, rather than outright roles. Now, even though in 2013 women had starring roles in films, it was still only up slightly from the previous year. In 2012, it ranked it 41%, in 2013 it raised slightly to 43%. This shows that the margin of main roles in movies is evening out between men and women, however their pay is substantially different. Robert Downey Jr. made 75 Million last year, more than double what  Angelina Jolie, the highest paid actress was making. 

Original Article : http://parade.condenast.com/264408/linzlowe/hollywood-by-the-numbers-men-still-largely-outnumber-women-in-movies-and-tv-shows/


Looking at The Yellow Wallpaper a second time

Looking back at The Yellow Wallpaper, following our class discussion, I looked deeper into why the narrator’s husband may have been doing what he was. Given his situation, it’s arguable from the narrator’s perspective that the husband never cared, or just tried to distance her from society because of her illness, and never made time for her. However, as we saw the story press on, we saw her condition grow worse and worse, something her husband obviously never wanted to happen. In his defense, I believe that he became too overcome with work to focus on her gradual condition. However, given her condition at the end of the article, it’s for the best that she was away from the city, and on her own in the building they stayed in.